Spring 2016
Envirovillage is organizing service projects in partnership with regional farms and leadership projects with local organizations.

Envirovilllage is developing plans for the Envirovillage Education Center

August 2014
Envirovillage hosted a hike for kids to Eagle Creek.

Summer 2014
Four field trips in NE Portland to learn about sustainability, leadership, and innovative ideas happening in our neighborhood. Youth from McCoy Village either walked or took public buses to visit the Community Cycling Center, King Farmers Market, Ujima Center, and The Tiny House Hotel. Residents from McCoy Village also cared for and harvested food from the gardens.

June/July 2014
Envirovillage participated in the Good in the Hood parade and organized a recycled art activity at the Mississippi Street Fair as a guest of the Rebuilding Center.

Spring 2014
The Container Garden Project: Envirovillage helped youth leaders from McCoy Village organize a container garden at their apartment complex. Together with community volunteers, they built a greenhouse and grew fruit, vegetables, herbs, and bee-friendly flowers in planters.

December 2013
Envirovillage receives 501c3 status. Much love and gratitude to everyone who helped make it happen.

September 2013
Envirovillage sponsored a hike for kids to Oneonta Gorge.

June 2013
Envirovillage completed the street painting project at NE 6th and Going Street as part of City Repair’s Building Convergence. The design was transferred onto the street the weekend of June 15th, and a community painting party was hosted on Saturday, June 22nd.

April 2013
Envirovillage attended PSU’s Sustainability 4 All Conference.

March 2013
Envirovillage sponsored a hike for kids to Horsetail Falls.

February 2013
Envirovillage sponsored art workshops with youth at McCoy Village Apartments. Board member Hilary Miller organized a wine tasting fundraising event for Envirovillage. Thank you to Fred Miller and Karla Wenzel for hosting us!

December 2012
The Board approved and submitted the organization’s 1023 document.

November 2012
Envirovillage sponsored an urban hike for kids on the Wildwood Trail in Portland.

July 2012
Envirovillage became a registered nonprofit organization in the state of Oregon.